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Who am I?

My Journey of Discovery

Denise Bell & Julie Pretyman

This workbook is a wonderful asset for schools. It guides teachers, in a wholistic way, to lead groups of Primary School children (by adapting the discussions for different age groups), to explore, trust, accept and acknowledge their own, as well as other children's feelings and point of view. It presents a safe way for children to discover their 'own truth'.

The discussions explore values and challenges, as experienced by children. Children are able to share their fears and feelings in an open, trusting way, through their experience of 'Sacred Circle'.

Discussions are then followed by relevant activities, covering topics such as: Silence & Listening, Imagination & Creativity, Colour awareness, Friendship & Sharing, Different cultures, Guilt, fear & bullying, Actions & consequences, Goals & Choices.


Denise Bell holds a Diploma in Aromatherapy and Remedial Therapy. Revisiting her long-time interest in Psychology, she has now written a children’s novel The Lost Map – Key to secrets of a mountain. Along with this, her collaboration with Julie Pretyman has produced a workbook for children based on the messages contained in the novel. Denise has drawn on tools acquired from her earlier Aquinas Academy course in Psychology, Theology and Philosophy, along with other developmental training.

Julie Pretyman, a former Primary School teacher, is now accessing further creative ways to bridge the left and right areas of the brain. She believes awareness through colour, is one of many areas capable of assisting young people in the recognition and development of their own potential.


The reflective/action book Who Am I? presents a worthwhile and positive means for children to explore their thoughts, feelings and actions within a safe and private, yet guided, environment. In providing a map for children to self-reflect, the activities throughout the book equip children with tools of guidance to grow in positive ways; being aware of their actions, consequences as well as to be compassionate and forgiving members of society.

Masaru Emoto’s books, such as The Secret Life of Water and The Hidden Messages in Water, are truly powerful. It is beautiful to see his work complementing Session 20.

The invitation to continue the 'journey' in the final activity provides an ongoing positive and exciting challenge to the participant in the book. The 'letting go' of fears is done in a beautiful manner and equips the reader with an inner strength, hope and tools for positive change for their future.

Katherine Doyle Dip Teach (Primary), Grad Dip. (Reading),
MEd. (Research), PhD (Scientific Literacy)
Qld University of Technology
Queensland, Australia.


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